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Your Life and Your Purpose they Matter!

Why race with rats, when you can converse with Kings!”
Richard Winborn

imageWe all have a purpose in life, no matter how unimportant you may think you are.

We simply have to pull back the veil of falsehood, which fools people into submitting to mediocrity.

Refuse to acquiesce, or to settle for a life spent depleting your vitality in a ‘spitting into the wind’ act of running in the rat-race, throwing your God-given energy away into nothingness. Stop existing in anything that you are not totally passionate about.

Do you honestly think you have been created, put here on earth, given the gift of life, the opportunity of living, simply to kill time and go through the motions until you meet your maker? What would be the point in that?

Yes, life does have a point!

We are not a bunch of automated machines. We are unique living beings, beings consisting of more than just crude material and physical ‘hardware’. We are beings with many levels, with purpose, divine energy, spirit and soul.

What would the sense be in such amazing beings being born just for the sake of existing in perpetual stagnation?

We all have a unique yet important role to play in life, and if you are simply existing without knowing or living your purpose, then get off of your seat of mediocrity (your butt), go find your life purpose, and live it in gratitude, open-mindedness, compassion, love and with an abundant passion.

Yes! You do have time. No, you won’t do it tomorrow. It’s now or never, make a start!

Live in accordance with your purpose. May your life and your work be congruent with your heart and spirit, then you can only succeed.

Why race with rats, when you can converse with kings

The only time is now.

Have an awesome day,

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