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Women Health Tips for Your Easy Day

When the monthly period comes, it is absolutely a hard day for you as you may simply encounter headache, stomachache, bad temper, and many other symptoms that disturb you. The following women health tips are what you should learn to prevent the symptoms.


If you want to relieve any symptoms before the period like mood swings, depression, or stomachache, you should take calcium 1,200 mg daily.

One of the women health tips to relieve the symptoms is going on exercise regularly. It not only helps relieve your symptom, but also helps reduce your stress and the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Women who face breast pain should take Vitamin E 600 daily. It can prevent the cardiovascular effects and may also reduce the risk of cancer.

Food is claimed distinctively in any women health tips. So change your food now by turning to eat more green-leafed vegetables, low-fat food, whole grains, and avoiding the intake of sugar, salt, red meat, alcohol, and caffeine.

If you are fond of sweets during that day but afraid of breast congestion, try to intake magnesium for 300-500 mg to relieve.

Some women take Vitamin B6 daily to relieve the symptoms, but note not to take exceeding or you may feel dizzy.

These women health tips can help relieve the symptoms you encounter as effects from the period, so your easy day starts.

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