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Windows Xp Control Panel

The Control Panel in Windows XP is the place to go when you need to make changes to various settings of your computer system.


Any operating system also if user need  to make change to variuous setting for user operating system, user need to open the control panel same like windows xp xontrol pane. To open the windows xp Control Panel window, click the windows xp operating system Start button on the taskbar and then click windows xp Control Panel on the Start menu or go to start menu and run, type control.exe inside run box to open windows cp control panel.

In Windows XP, you can view the Control Panel in two different views: the Classic View, where the individual windows xp Control panel program icons are displayed, and the Category View, where links representing groups of related windows xp Control Panel programs are shown.

To switch from one view to the other, click the Switch to Classic View link (which appears when you’re in Category View) or the Switch to Category View link (which appears when you’re in Classic View) at the windows xp Control Panel navigation pane.

As you start using Windows xp, you may find it easier to manage your computer system when the windows xp Control Panel is in Category View. The windows xp Control Panel window in Category View appears in the following figure.

The Category View of the windows xp Control Panel window is organized into 10 categories. To open a window with the windows xp Control Panel options for any one of these categories, simply click the category hyperlink. The next figure shows you how the windows xp  Control Panel looks in Classic View. When you display the windows xp Control Panel in Classic View, Windows displays an alphabetical listing of all the windows xp Control Panel options, showing the icon for each, as shown in the following figure. To view and possibly change the settings for a particular windows xp Control Panel option, double-click the icon.

When you first install Windows XP, the Windows installer program checks all of your computer hardware (both internal and external). From this inventory, the installer determines which of the many utilities to add to the various categories of your windows xp Control Panel. As a result, your Control Panel may not have all the programs that are showcased in this part of the book (this is especially true if you have a desktop computer, because some of these utilities, such as PC Card, are needed only on notebook computers).

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