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Windows support tips: Boost Your XP Performance

Feel like taking control of what’s running on your XP? Well, it’s definitely possible to do that thanks to some handy Windows support tips. Using these Windows support tips, you can free up your RAM and make your system faster and responsive. And it’s easy too.

Windows Support recommends closing unnecessary programs

First things first – Make sure you close all your unnecessary programs you’ve got. Windows support recommends you to do this by checking out your tray icon area and close everything that’s unnecessary and not being used at that moment. What I recommend is to leave only your system icons (such as Volume control, network icon, power icon) and your antivirus software running. So, right click all the unnecessary program icons in your task bar and click on exit.

Task Manager is a useful Windows support tool

Windows support recommends you to get familiar with your task manager. You can launch it either by right clicking your Taskbar and then clicking on ‘Task Manager’, or by pressing CNTRL, A and Delete keys together, or by pressing the CNTRL, Shift and  Esc keys together. You can end programs using the task manager, since it display’s what all is running in your system. So, use this Windows support tool to find any sneaky program that’s eating away your precious RAM.

Multitask to a limit

Multi tasking is one of the forefront features of a Windows OS. But, using it a lot can drain your RAM. So, Windows Online Support recommends you to make sure that you’ve got only the programs you currently need running and the other closed. This way, your RAM will concentrate on only a few programs at a time. A useful Windows Support tip is to close everything, including disabling your antivirus system if you’re running a high graphics computer game.

Change your Windows settings with the help of Windows support

Now, this Windows tech Support tip is guaranteed to boost your XP performance. You can start off by right clicking your ‘My Computer’ icon and selecting ‘Properties’. Now, click on the ‘advanced’ tab and then you’ll find the Setting button to click on under the ‘Performance’ field. Now, click on ‘Memory usage’ and then select ‘Programs’. What this Windows Support tip has done is changed the priority of your memory to your programs instead of background processes. This will definitely get the best out of your performance. Also, if you’re not so keen on having all the eye candy visual effects on your XP and wouldn’t mind a basic look for more RAM, then click on ‘Visual Effects’ and select ‘Adjust for best performance’. This’ll save some RAM for you at the expense of your XP’s visual look.

So, check out these Windows Support tips and you’ll find your XP faster and zipper now. Also, makes sure you’ve got the latest updates installed for the best performance from your system.

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