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Windows Live Web Messenger

Only few weeks ago released a beta version of Windows Live essentials, with which came a new feature that allows users to chat with their Facebook friends from Windows Live Messenger itself. And now it seems like that feature is coming soon to Windows Live Web messenger as well (see the screenshot above).

The feature to chat with Facebook friends has also been spotted on Windows Live Phone service. On the Windows Live Web messenger, the chat box has been tweaked so that you get and option to chat with your friend over Facebook too. The colored status icon are normally used, like green for available and red if the contact is busy. Within the header of the Windows Live Web messenger, there are a few new additions such as link to “mobile” which seems like an integration of the Windows Live Devices service. This link, although not active points to Also an arrow has been added beside the user’s name showing that a menu is available, which features a Facebook Chat toggle option too.

One final feature that was spotted on the new Windows Live Web messenger was that when a user is logged into Windows messenger from PC, he cannot use the service from the Web messenger. Before it was possible to chat via Windows messenger from desktop and Web at the same time.

The rumors say that Microsoft will make available a release candidate of Windows Live Essentials 2011 soon and that the same time Windows Live sites should be updated at the same time.

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