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Windows Live Essentials 2011

imagewindows live essential 2011 is the latest version of  windows live can install windows live essential to make your pc work even better for free.There is no limitation,that you can install windows live essential on windows  7 or windows vista ,the application work the same as in the windows 7. windows live essential is great tool for Photos,movies,massaging,social networking,websites,uploading documents (using skydrive) and many can download these all apps with  one single live essentials 2011 messenger new features includes;High Definition (HD) video chat,Share and watch videos together while chatting,video chat during sharing of photos or videos,sending video messenges,chat with facebook  friends,Set online/offline status by category of friends,View dynamic photo slide shows and videos, photos, and links in Messenger status.Which all was impossible using in the previous versions of messengers.Here i would like to discuss some benefits of using windows live essentials 2011 applications individually.

Messenger,Let you do chat ,voice call  or video call,play games,share and see what’s new with the friends you know.
Mail,which let you access multiple email accounts (including yahoo and gamil) your calender,news group and feeds all in one program,you can also see who is available to chat.

Photo Gallery, Let you edit,view and organize your photos in a more mannerable way.
Tool-bar, which when added to Internet Explorer provides  access to your Live,Hotmail,msn  accounts,calendar, photos, and more.
Writer,is a very user friendly tool to create and publish blog psot for almost any blog services including,wordpress,windowslive,blogger,typepad,live journel,you can also insert photos,videos,tables,maps to your post.  Family Safety,help you too control how your kids experience the can easily block certain websites and contacts,chose games,website and program they can access,set specific time period for your computer when they can use computer.etc.

Movie Maker,let you create movie  from clips,photos etc.add visual effects,animation,sound and titles to your movies and the publish them for any popular sites.

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