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Windows firewall – Inbound and outbound rules

If the Windows Firewall is turned off then it will have no effect, and the Inbound and Outbound rules will mean nothing.


Inbound rules: These are to do with other things accessing your computer. If you are running a Web Server on your computer then you will have to tell the Firewall that outsiders are allowed to connect to it.

Outbound rules: These are so that you can let some programs use the Internet, and Block others.
You will want to let your Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera…) have access to the Internet,
so you will tell Windows Firewall that it’s allowed.

Inbound rules allow other system to connect to yours, ex if you would like someone to connect to your windows shares, ftp, web server etc.

Outbound rules allow applications on you system to connect to other systems, that is if you want to connect to a website, IM or some elses ftp.Both the inbound and outbound rules will have no effect if your firewall is off.

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