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Windows 8 May Support Xbox 360 Games

Well here’s a new rumor for us all. According to popular game site “Gamespot” Windows 8 will support games which are designed for the Xbox 360.


Now as usual with rumors, there is never really any proof to back up this idea so take it with a pinch of salt. It’s a rather wild rumor which appears to be more wishful thinking or from a conversation overheard in a bar down some back alley. The story originally comes from Insideris but don’t give any legit sources to back it up. They just casually state “according to our sources” so there really is no evidence for this feature.

They claim that Windows 8 will also have a subscription service similar to Xbox Live, but the online gaming will be carried out through the Windows Live Marketplace instead of Xbox Live. This will also mean that PC gamers won’t be competing with gamers using the Xbox console.

I can’t really see any reason why Microsoft would want to do this. The whole point of having Xbox games running on the Xbox console is so Microsoft can sell game consoles as well as PC’s. It wouldn’t make sense for them to suddenly unify everything to one platform, it would just mean that they’ll lose out on additional revenue.

The whole idea seems a bit far fetched to me, and very fragmented. Furthermore not all PC’s would be capable of running Xbox games properly, I really can’t see this happening. I think it’s another rumor we can ignore.

Unless you can come up with a valid argument as to why Microsoft would do this? If so I’d love to hear it in the comments below.

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