Weight loss tips after pregnancy

Weight loss after pregnancy

Weight loss tips after pregnancy

Weight loss tips after pregnancy

One of the most beautiful and interesting phases in a woman’s life is pregnancy and giving birth. The feeling of birth is invaluable but has its consequences. One of those is the extra weight that stays in the woman’s body a number of weeks after giving birth. Weight loss after pregnancy is not an easy task to do. In the majority of the cases women will lose about 10 pounds as soon as the child is born and a few more pounds in the following weeks. The fat that is accumulated in the body, especially in the belly area, is very hard to go away on its own.

We said it before that weight loss for women needs special attention because of the structure of the woman’s body and the hormonal imbalances caused by different periods like menopause and pregnancy. Weight loss after pregnancy is even more difficult. The extra weight tends to be accumulated in the areas that it is very difficult to lose (belly, waist, and tights). Nevertheless it is not impossible provided that you follow the proper weight loss tips.

The first think you need to do is not do get disappointed. When you step on the scale after giving birth don’t be surprise. You will weight more than before and this is normal. What you need to concentrate on is how to lose the extra weight in a fast but healthy way.
Weight loss after pregnancy: Tips and techniques for fast results

1. Water. Water is needed more than ever. If you read this before then you need to understand that water plays a major role for weight loss after pregnancy. At first it will help you get rid of fluids left in your body from pregnancy, it is a fuel for breast feeding and it will help you get rid of toxins. As far as weight loss is concerned it is a perfect way to save calories and control your appetite. Try to drink at least 10 glasses of water per day for the next couple of months after pregnancy.

2. Keep your self away from bad food. Remember that what you eat and drink is also transmitted to the baby through breast feeding (at least during the first months). Keep your self away from food that is not healthy and prefer healthy and organic food. Eat lean meats like chicken or lean beef. Avoid junk food or pre-made supermarket meals.

3. Eat a variety of fresh fruits. Fruits contain valuable nutrients and substances. They are a good source of energy with minimum cost to your weight. They are full of fiber which will make your bones stronger and your stomach fuller.

4.  Skip the ‘whites’.Do not eat white bread, cereals or pasta. Better replace them with whole grain bread, cereals and pasta.

5. Read carefully the food labels before selecting what type of food to buy. Do not just rely on the front label but read the detail label. Many foods are being advertised as low fat and while this may be true, they are full of calories. Check the carefully and select those who are low in fat, sugars and calories.

6. When you feel that you have the energy start exercising. At the beginning start slow and then gradually increase the intensity and pace of the exercise. Since pregnancy has an effect on your hormone levels you must consult your doctor before doing any heavy or very intense exercise routine. A great example of start up exercise routine is walking. You can start walking for 10 minutes per day and then gradually increase that to 20 minutes. You can also carry our baby with you so that you feel better and have better results.

7. Employ the natural method of weight loss after pregnancy, breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is extremely important for the child and it is also a great way to lose calories, especially fat. On average each day you are breastfeeding you burn around 500 calories.

8. Do not follow any ‘famous’ diet promising super fast results. You need to be patient. Weight loss after pregnancy will take time and requires a lot of effort but at the end you can lose the extra weight and return to your normal levels. After all the extra weight took 9 months to accumulate in your body and it won’t go away overnight.

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