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Updating The Operating System And System Software IPAD

Apple iPad designed to automatically update regularly for major systems and software for your IPAD is connected to a computer with internet.


If you do not connect your device and synchronize your data regularly, follow these steps to manually update your operating system and other essential software IPAD system.
1. Using an Apple cable, connect your laptop or desktop computer iPad.

2. Launch iTunes and the software should automatically detect and synchronize your PC and the iPad.

3. Choose your IPAD on the device list by clicking it.

4. Click on the “Summary”.

5. Click “Check for Update” for details Apple’s server. iTunes is now the connection and see if there is any software to be updated. A dialog box, where the size of updated and a description if a software update is available.

6. Click “Next.”

7. Apple iTunes now displays the license agreement. Click “OK” to accept.

8. iTunes to download the software and automatically install the software. IPad starts when it is completed and you see the Apple logo.
What is good about apples is that if you read the license agreement, Apple will update the software up to and including the next major operating system release of IPAD.

This means that if you have the operating system version 3.11 IPAD. Apple offering free upgrades to version 3.12 as the latest version 3.xx When Apple released version 4 operating system IPAD, this update is also included! You may have to pay for the next major update as 5.xx. version

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