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Trick to LogIn to any Version of Windows without Password

imageThere is a Trick to LogIn Windows even if we have forgotten our Account’s Password. Mostly people reinstalls the Windows again and lose all their Documents or Data saved in the Windows Drive. But now we have a simple Trick by which we need not worry to lose our Data and Install the Windows again.

For this Trick we just need is your Windows Installer Disc and the Locked Computer to having an Optical Drive i.e CD Drive. This is very handy Trick if  we ever forgot our Password and don’t have access to our Computer.
To use this Trick follow these simple steps :
1) Put the Windows Installer Disc into the CD / DVD Drive and Press any key when prompted to Boot from CD.
2) After all Process when it asks for License Agreement jusr press F8 to Agree.
3) On the Next Screen when Prompted to Repair or Install a Fresh Copy of Windows, just select the Earlier Installed Windows Installation and press R to Repair it.
4) The system will then Reboot after Setup Checking and Copying Setup Files. When it Reboots, don’t press any key when Prompted to Press any key to Boot from CD. The setup will be Automatically Start the Setup Process.
5) Now this is the most Important Step. Wait for the setup to Install the Devices and when this Setup starts press Shift Key + F10.
6) After that a Command console would Open. Now type “NUSRMGR.CPL” ( without quotes ) and press Enter.
7) Now this will give Access to the User Account Window similar to the Control Panel where we can Delete or Edit the Forgotten Password. Now choose Remove to LogIn the Computer without Entering Password or Edit to Change the Password.
8) After Deleting or Edit Password, close the Command Window and let the Setup to Finish.
9) When Setup Finishes, Computer will Restart and Windows will Start Normally. If You earlier selected to Edit Password, then it will Prompt to Enter Password so Enter it and LogIn.
10) Now it is done. We have now Login to Locked Windows Computer.
So it is a simple Trick to LogIn to any Version of Windows without Password

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