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Top Ten Tips For Family Camping

imageFamily camping is a great opportunity to get together, have fun as a family. Here are my top ten tips to help you plan and enjoy your  camping & travelling holiday with your kids and family and friends.

Research your Chosen Destination  – Learn about your destination and the surrounding area before you go. Check the weather conditions so you know what clothing will be suitable, what activities can be done for free or pay, how busy will it be, it it school holiday time.
Choose a Campground – This depends on what type of camping you are interested in, can be anything from free bush camping to a RV on a powered site. Do some research online or ring the tourist information office for the area
Use a Checklist – Using a checklist will ensure you don’t forget those important must have items and will be a reminder to take everything else that you require
Wear Layers of Clothes – Generally wearing layers of clothes is the best depending on the weather conditions. The mornings are usually cool to have several layers on and them pull them off as the day warms and put them back on as it cools down in the evening. Remember to take extra clothes for kids as they are experts at getting wet and dirty.
Who is Sleeping Where – Depending on the age of your kids, will they be in the main tent or are they old enough to sleep in their own tent.
What if it Rains – Take some indoor games, books, puzzles suitable to be played in the tent or camper
Try a Practice Campout in the Backyard – If this is your first time camping setup the tent in the backyard and test all your equipment and make sure you know how everything works and packs up. Sleep out in the tent overnight for fun, the kids will think it’s great and everyone will get a feel for what it will be like camping
Survey your Campsite Area – When you arrive look around, look for the best campsite if you have a choice. Check for any safety hazards like traffic, waterways, broken glass, ants nests etc
Supervise your Kids – Depending on their age, explain what is expected of them and where the safety hazards are and to stay away. Keep them occupied when possible,
Relax When Possible – Most of all enjoy your time away, be casual don’t worry if  meals are later than usual, or kids get dirty that’s what they do best, go for short walks find somewhere for the kids to play and read a book or magazine.

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