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Top Add-Ons for Google Chrome – from Cameron Fisher

imageGoogle’s lightning-fast web browser Google Chrome is quickly gaining market share among tech-savvy internet users everywhere. In fact, its basic, aesthetically pleasing design and fantastic functionality give it a reputation as one of the best browsers out there right now. Additionally, Google Chrome offers a multitude of add-ons to its users. These little extensions help users tweak and perfect their online experience. Below are a few of the best Google Chrome add-ons available.

1. FastestChrome

This little add-on streamlines internet browsing by pre-loading “next pages” and allowing users to preview links just by scrolling over them. As the add-on’s name implies, there really is no faster way to use the internet. “Power users” and internet addicts alike use FastestChrome to get all the information they need in the most efficient way possible.

2. Wikipedia Companion

Just about every web user knows how powerful the Wikipedia community-created online encyclopedia is. This Google Chrome add-on allows users to check Wikipedia without leaving the web page they’re on. Whether it’s fact-checking or background information that needs to be looked up, Wikipedia Companion gives its users access to a wealth of knowledge as they browse their favorite websites.

3. TooManyTabs

Occassionally, one might find themselves opening so many tabs that they get lost among the many pages they have open. As user Cameron Fisher states, “TooManyTabs helps keep track and organize all the separate pages that I’ve opened, whether it’s doing research or shopping online”. No matter how complex your internet surfing can get, TooManyTabs will keep all your multitude of pages neat, clean, and organized.

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