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Top 13 Tips to Lose Weight Easily, health tips

When clothing is tight begin to realize that we are overweight, if so, the weight increases so gradually that we realize only when we have 5 kilos or more there notice it, believe it or not, the perception works well.

These kilos can lose weight by dieting that is suitable for the lifestyle of each.

But these tips to lose weight can clarify any point you have a question:

1) Raise awareness that must be changed lifestyle: For good health and weight is necessary to plan long term, it is useless to make a restrictive diet and gain weight quickly again and enter the vicious circle continued.

2) Take pictures of before and after: You must take pictures to realize how we have changed and so motivating.

3) Create the habit of reading product labels: Watch the calories of each product.

4) Tell your family that started the diet: Hide this information could be counterproductive and boicoteante.

5) Identify the preferred physical exercise: It is important to promote the pleasure of bicycling (stationary or Common) listening to music or physical activity you choose, assemble it as a pleasure, as a moment of fun.

6) Set realistic goals: “Slowly and steadily, you win this race.” Not all bodies are of thin build, many people have a more bulky texture and are perfect in weight, set realistic goals is the key to success. Identify your ideal weight.

7) Avoid trans fats and fructose.

Women exercising Do not compare yourself with others: Every body is different, so it is logical that everyone will lose weight differently. Keep the goal in sight and do what they must do to meet this objective. If you start to look at the habits of others may be discouraged.

9) Women are not men, is well established that men lose weight faster than women, this is due to the physiological constitution of women (women have more fat because it is prepared for motherhood), so if you make the diet with your partner take care not to become demotivated.

10) 1 Kilo per week: Lose 1 kilo per week should be your goal, 4 kilos per month by the decrease gradually giving the skin time to adapt to this new body flap by avoiding sudden weight loss.

11) Remember that the fork is not a spade: The stomach takes about 20 minutes to send signals of fullness to the brain, but usually 5 minutes long we ate all the food and look to see what else there is, you need to eat more slowly better chewing each bite.

12) It is necessary to know the calorie limit. For example, a weight loss diet normally need between 1500 to 1700 calories per day in women and 200 calories for men.

13) Leave the sugar and sweetener: sugar is an element that has no nutrient, is poison to the body, just huge calories that turn into fat.

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