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Tips On Type II Diabetes Prevention

imageWhile there are many so-called experts that would peddle anti-diabetic pills and serums for the individual, these purveyors of snake oils and supplements forget that this condition is a metabolic disorder. As such, no amount of ingestion of medication can prevent an individual predisposed to have high blood sugar levels from developing this debilitating disease.

Thus, only the individual can take care of their metabolism to prevent the development of this medical issue that does not by itself harm the person but the complications that eventually causes great medical sorrow to be cast on their lives. To overcome this, the following are the tips on Type II diabetes prevention.

1. Have an Exercise Regimen. One need only to exercise half an hour each day and this can be as simple as vigorous walking in order to increase the heart rate or sweat. Exercise helps burn up excess glucose in the bloodstream thus preventing overtaxing the pancreas in its production of insulin. Also, exercise keeps weight down and thus prevents accumulation of fats, which often triggers the latent susceptibility to develop Type II diabetes.

2. Have a Healthy Diet. The secret here is everything in moderation, including moderation. Cutting down on the intake of trans fats, especially from hydrogenated vegetable oils can become fat in the body, increasing the risk for heart disease and Type II diabetes. Also, lowering the carbohydrate and sugary food, especially those made with bleached white flour, sugar and other sweeteners can lower overall blood glucose levels and in the long run prevent the onset of Type II diabetes. Eating on time and avoiding binge eating can serve to help your metabolism be regular and not be prone to sudden unhealthy changes.  Remember to drink 8 glasses of water a day.

3. Have a Healthy Lifestyle. This means avoiding vices like smoking. Smoking weakens the immune system and taxes the body making it more susceptible to develop the symptoms of Type II diabetes. Also, sleeping eight hours a day and having at least eight glasses a day can only help your body rid itself of excess food that can only result in medical issues in the future.

Alcohol can be taken in moderation.  While it has been a debate amongst doctors for years, a little alcohol can be enjoyed with a meal or with friends, However, with alcohol consumption comes more sugar testing.  Different individuals can have different blood sugar levels so it would be wise to make sure that blood sugar is being monitored a little more than normal.

Remember that insulin dependency is not a viral or contagious disease. It is a medical condition where the body is unable to provide the right amounts of insulin to manage blood sugar levels in the body. The decisions you make regarding your lifestyle matter when it comes to preventing Type II diabetes, so having an exercise regimen, healthy diet and healthy lifestyle can help prevent the development of Type II diabetes in an individual.

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