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Tips on how to build a patio area in your garden.

How to build a patio area in your garden




Designing your own home and garden could be the most interesting hobby to anyone interested in making his or her home the sweetest place to live in. It is charming and enthralling once you start reading about how to design and decorate your home & garden. Even the simplest tools could prove to be of great help to make your home just the way you want it. Setting up a patio in the garden, especially if you have boggy land can be very advantageous in allowing you to create a beautiful patio area for the family to enjoy.

Before starting construction of the patio, make sure that you allow enough time from the daily schedule. It could take some time to make a complete are and leaving it incomplete halfway through is a seriously bad idea as it can become damaged. The work can be a bit tedious and messy with rubble likely to be spread all over the site, so finishing it in a single stretch is the best way to build a patio area successfully.

Here are some simple steps that you could use to create and build your patio successfully.

Base preparation is the foremost task that you should do. Select the area where you want to construct the patio. Now clean the ground and place stakes at the edges of the rectangular or square area.
Dig the ground to a depth of 8 inches or 12 inches based on the area of the square or rectangle you choose.
Get solid rubble and gravel that are of uneven sizes and spread the larger ones at the end and smaller ones in the middle. Spread them evenly so that no spaces are left without a gravel or rubble. You could use broken pieces of building demolition for this.
Now make the paving and fix it by installing spikes to the ground. This will give the proper outline to your patio.
Now in the area inside the edge, fill the sand to a certain thickness. This could be from one inch or two inches. Rake them to remove any dust and fill them all over the area. Using an horizontal board, even the sand so that they are literally flat.
With the rough mantle to set up your patio, you should lay a solid outline. Build the pavers with bricks or with wood as you prefer. Make sure that two full bricks meet at the corners. Adjust the size of the bricks in the middle rather than at the corners.

If you feel that there are gaps between the bricks, fill them in with sand or fill the gaps with white cement so that they are fixed appropriately. Your patio depending on size should be ready withinin a few days. It usually takes a week to make a larger normal size patio.

Feel free to leave comments if you have any additional tips.

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