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The beautifying power of flowers



We all love a floral scented beauty product, but some flowers have the ability to boost both mind and beauty with their extraordinary powers. Flowers have been used for thousands of years in for healing: Buddhist monasteries still house large gardens to grow flowers for healing; the flowers are floated in water and given to people to drink. Whether or not you believe in that kind of petal power, beauty products are packed with floral fancies.


The rose is probably one of the most popular flowers in beauty; not only is the smell divine, but it’s a skincare power player and takes thousands and thousands of petals to produce one ounce of oil. Rose extracts – water and essential oil – are usually obtained by a steam distillation process to keep as much potency as possible from the petals, although Rose Absolute needs a more sophisticated process called solvent extraction. Rose oil is rich in vitamins and flavinoids that are beneficial to the skin and high in antioxidants to protect from . It can increase the skin’s elasticity and help in warding off wrinkles and adds nourishment to keep the complexion moisturised and glowing. Because rose extracts have healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, they can be used to treat acne-prone or sensitive skin. When it comes to how the scent of rose can boost our mood, it’s a true marvel. Rose oil, in either a carrier oil for massage, a bath oil, or in an oil burner that diffuses into the atmosphere, can calm and soothe anxiety and promote feelings of wellbeing through the olfactory senses. Try: Fushi Organic Rose Petal Oil, £13.22.

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