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Super 8 Secret Movie Preview

Surprise! The trailer for one of the summer’s most anticipated movies, Super8, launched today via Twitter #Super8Secret and some 325 locations across the country will host afternoon sneak-peek screenings on Thursday – a day earlier than the movie’s scheduled midnight Friday release.


Some theaters will also throw in free popcorn as part of the screenings reports Celebritology. E! Online has a first look at the Spielbergian summer blockbuster directed J.J. Abrams which includes Aliens, Explosions and…Zombies? and reveals 5 things we finally know about the super-secret Super 8. Indiewire’s review sums it up this way: Super 8 is Spielberg porn -but is that a bad thing?

Whatever – it looks like fun. Super 8 centers on a group of friends in the summer of 1979 who witness a mysterious train crash and then begin noticing strange happenings in their small town, and start investigating. Director J.J. Abrams tells Playlist that the movie was inspired by the desire to go back in time and re-tell Abrams’ story of youth through a new fictionalized lens.

Are you excited to see Super 8?

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