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Sony’s portable DVD player

Thinking of buying an iPod Video so you can carry your videos around with you? Or maybe you’re waiting for the next iPod Video with its rumoured larger screen…


Well… perhaps a media player with a bigger screen is what you really want, if portable video is really your thing. Sony’s latest portable DVD player (that supports DVD, VCD, DiVX, CD, mp3 and more), the DVP-FX810, which is sadly nowhere near as catchily titled as the iPod, sports an 8-inch screen, two headphone jacks, a six-hour battery life, video/audio inputs and outputs, a 180-degree swivelling screen in the style of Tablet PCs and a 2.5kg weight make this a pretty versatile player, especially at the $499 price point. That puts it on par with the iPod Video’s pricing, but you have to play everything from CD or DVD discs, instead of a hard drive.

That said, it has a video input, so you could plug your iPod Video into this player and watch your videos on a much larger screen. But that would be a lot of gear to carry around. Still… it would work.

Now that we have such nice portable players, what about putting in an analogue/digital twin-TV tuner, making the DVD unit a DVD recorder, and putting in a 100Gb hard drive? That’d make it much more expensive, putting into laptop territory, where you can do the same things (with the right hardware) and use it as a computer, too. Still, if they could get a unit with these specs at a $500 price tag… it’d be a very tempting unit indeed, far more so that just with playing capabilities.

Nevertheless… if you’re into portable video, with an emphasis on things still being portable… the 8-inch screen on this unit is hard to beat at the price point, and it comes with the quality construction, unlike many of the much cheaper (and smaller sized screen) units on sale in electronics stores. And with two headphones jacks it’s great to keep the kids happy in the back on short or long journeys.

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