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Some Daily Think Positive Health Tips

Not too long ago, the united kingdom Government ran a health campaign called Small Change, Big Difference based on Cambridge University research showing that small improvements in behavior – such as eating an extra bit of fruit a day, or taking the stairs rather than the lift – can result in many years of extra life expectancy.


This fits well with the ‘think positive’ approach in that small changes, made consistently and maintained over a period of time can lead to a fantastically improved quality of life.

1 Drink Different things – Have you been a caffeine addict? Whether it’s strong coffee or endless cups of tea, why not try replacing just one drink a day with a cup of green tea extract instead? Green tea is rich in poly phenols, especially epigallocatechin gal late the industry strong antioxidant. Proven benefits include inhibiting cancerous cells, cholesterol-reducing and reducing blood clots. Other teas just do not have exactly the same effect because the way they’re processed means that the antioxidants just aren’t there anymore by the time it reaches your cup.

2 Wear ‘Sensible’ Shoes – Lots of shoes have no support under the arch of the foot and that can throw your whole posture out, resulting in joint pain and potential long-term problems for example arthritis. It doesn’t mean you need to wear boring shoes! You are able to still be stylish and wear a pair that’s healthy for you. Locate a shoe with some kind of raised support included in the insole or buy some separate support insoles and set them inside your favorite footwear.

3 Enjoy Your Exercise – Individuals who don’t exercise may say it is because they don’t possess the time, but often it is because they haven’t found something that they enjoy. Choose something that you actually want to do and you’ll find the time to do it. If running bores you then occupy, say, karate instead. If you’re spiritually-inclined by nature then go for yoga. If you’re competitive and like to win then try squash. If all exercise is good why don’t you pick something you’ll find fun?

4 Get enough rest – Not everybody needs the proverbial eight hours but people need enough sleep. Lack of sleep can impair memory, cognitive function, learning, metabolism, and also the functioning from the immune system. However busy you are, going to sleep an hour or so earlier could really improve your health.

5 Have A Laugh – That old adage, “Laughter is the greatest medicine” may be true. Laughter releases endorphins which are natural painkillers, increases your sense of well-being and can boost your immune system by increasing antibody production. It also reduces stress, relaxes the muscles and lowers your blood pressure level. Anything you find funny, seek it out.

6 Have An MOTYou don’t hold back until your vehicle breaks down prior to taking it towards the garage so why wait until you’re ill before you take some medical advice?.

7 Think Positive – Research has revealed that your attitude to life impacts on your health. A think positive approach can result in lower stress levels, a better immune response, less incidence of depression, a healthier heart and a long life span. Wonderful this on offer, why wouldn’t you wish to ‘think positive’?

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