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Internet is the best platform where you can get a lot of information what are you searching for. Now a days there are lots of things available in internet the only things that connect to that is the browser. Browser is very common things for internet user, which contains the different information about what are you searching for. There are a lots of browser available now, according to ranking the top  browsers are mention below.

1. Google


3. bing

Types of matches in Google

If you are using Google as browsing data you can find there are three types of results appear according to match of the keyword you want to search. There are three types of matches, broad matches, phrase matches, and exact matches.

Board match is the word related to the word which you are searching for. If you are searching for mesothelioma, then the search engine search the title, sub title and all the text if it found this keyword, then listed in the result. If you are searching for ‘what is mesothelioma’, then the search engine searches the title, sub title and all the text if it found any of the word matched then it listed to the result.

phrase match is little bit different to board match, if you placed the keyword in between inverted comas then the result will be the phrase matches. If you searching Donate Car San Francisco” the search engine searches the title, sub title, body, footer, if it found the exact keyword then listed it in the result otherwise not.

Exact match result is not considered in Google. It is the same result as the board matches, but different is the keyword is coated by square bracket, which you want to find. Example, if you search, car accident solicitors or [car accident solicitors], the result is always same.


Tips on keep healthy
Keeping healthy is necessary for good health, avoiding disease, and for long life. A good health indicates the disease less body. You can get a good health by regular exercise , yoga, pranayama etc. Have

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