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Research on Health Care System of Australia

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Health care issue is a worldwide problem, one of the most controversial and the most sensitive topics in the political life of countries. It can not be avoided by any government.

imageNow it has also become the focus of attention from all walks in China. Since reform and opening up, with the advance of the market economic system, the improvement of people’s standard of living, and the progress of technology and society, the medical field gradually highlights contradictions, and accompanying by an unprecedented number of new problems have arisen, the problems have become increasingly prominent, severely affected the people’s health and even on social harmony and stability. China’s medical reform had continued more than 20 years. However, because of the complexity of the problem itself and the restrictions on China’s national conditions it had not been able to achieve a major breakthrough. In the 21st we have not only to expand health care coverage, improve the quality of medical services and control health care costs such as the basic health care issues, but also to deal with the development of medical and information technology, and the challenges brought about by the aging. This makes medical reform in China face more complicated situation, higher requirements and then it is necessary to take into account more factors.

So it becomes extremely necessary and urgent to study health care systems of other countries. The article begin with the history of Australian health-care system, a comprehensive introduction to Australian health-care system in its infancy, establishment, development and reform, then analyze operational mechanism and constituent elements of the health care system in Australia. Based on the inquiry, the article brings to light the fundamental laws and inherent logic governing the formation and development of Australian health-care system. It also analyses the nature and the problems and challenges faced by Australian health-care system. Finally, it puts forward several proposals concerning the enlightenment we can gain from the experience of Australia when we improve our medical care system.

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