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Norway attacks: police to reinterview Anders Behring Breivik

Norwegian police have said they will question Anders Behring Breivik again today as new information emerged about his killing spree.


This will be the second time that police interrogate the far-right extremist since Saturday, the morning after his shooting rampage on Utoeya island and the bomb blast in downtown Oslo that killed 76 people altogether.

Police official Paal-Fredrik Hjort Kraby said officers will question Behring Breivik on “information received over the last few days – which is a lot,” although he did not elaborate.

European counter-terrorism experts met in Brussels to look at lessons that can be drawn from the attacks, and an Oslo gun club said Behring Breivik had been a member since 2005.

But as the depth and complexity of the investigation spread, the country’s highest legal officer said it would take time to sift through the evidence.

“We hope that we can conduct the court trial in the course of next year,” the Norwegian king’s prosecutor general Tor Aksel Buschhe said, adding that Behring Breivik’s indictment “will not be ready before the end of the year”.

The possibility that Behring Breivik had been working with other people was receding, officials said, despite an international intelligence probe.

The possibility “has become weaker over time,” police spokesman Henning Holtaas told AFP, although “we are checking all his communications”.

He would not confirm that Behring Breivik was carrying a walkie-talkie radio on Utoeya island, where he shot dead 68 mostly young people, but two witnesses have said he was.

Behring Breivik boasted before the attack in a 1,500-page manifesto that he was one of up to 80 “solo martyr cells” recruited across Western Europe to topple governments tolerant of Islam.

Norway’s intelligence service has been liaising with counterparts in Europe and the United States but has found nothing to verify the gunman’s claims of active cells forming a terror “organisation”.

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