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My perfect weekend: Trudie Styler

Actress, film producer, entrepreneur Trudie Styler is living out her dream Sting and I live in New York most of the time but in an ideal world I’d spend every weekend at our house near Andover in Wiltshire. I was brought up on a council estate in the countryside near Stoke Prior in Worcestershire but I adored visiting the farm where my father worked.

Dog days: Trudie cherishes country life with her Irish Wolfhound Mikey and her rock star husband Sting

Sting and I live in New York most of the time but in an ideal world I’d spend every weekend at our house near Andover in Wiltshire. I was brought up on a council estate in the countryside near Stoke Prior in Worcestershire but I adored visiting the farm where my father worked.

On a Friday evening my parents, my two sisters and I would play the football pools, and we’d imagine what we’d do if we won. Mum wanted a fur coat and lovely clothes but Dad and I always had the same dream of owning our own farm.

The dream came true for me 20 years ago when Sting and I bought Lake House and we now have a menagerie of animals and an organic farm. There’s even a very friendly ghost living on the top floor of the house; we hear little steps pattering along the floorboards at night.

When I’m in England I spend the week in London working and take the train to Andover on Friday afternoon. I just love the atmosphere at the start of the weekend; there are lots of smiley faces among the passengers and I always treat myself to a vodka tonic. From Andover it’s just 20 minutes drive to Lake House, and I love walking through the front door and seeing a welcoming fire in the hall.

The first thing I do is take Mikey, my Irish Wolfhound, for a stroll through the garden and around the lake. Sting bought me a wolfhound when we first moved there and I was so sad when he died six years later that I decided to start breeding them. Irish Wolfhounds have become so inbred that they don’t live very long. We’re trying to reintroduce pure wolfhound blood and, so far, the breeding programme is going well. Blondie, one of our pack, just won at Crufts so we’re very pleased with her and Mikey is now 12, which is a grand age. He’s my favourite old boy.

By the time we get back to the house, I’ll be ready for my first glass of wine. I hope I don’t sound like a complete boozer. I’m largely health-conscious and work out during the week, but I don’t punish myself at the weekends. Hopefully, Sting will be around so we can enjoy a bottle of 2007 Sister Moon, the first vintage from our Italian farm, Il Palagio. It’s a Super Tuscan, which means it’s a mixture of sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon and merlot grapes.

When we first bought Il Palagio in 1997 the wine we made tasted really ropey, and I did once catch a guest pouring it into a plant plot. When I saw that I blushed and thought: “We’ve got to sort that out.” So we’ve spent the past few years getting the vines into shape and, so far, I haven’t seen anyone spitting Sister Moon into the begonias. In fact, it was awarded a rating of 93/100 by a reviewer from Wine Spectator magazine, which we cluck about to our friends because Sting and I are complete amateurs when it comes to winemaking.

I love going into the larder at Lake House on a Friday evening and seeing what has been brought in from the farm. We have goats, sheep, cows, pigs and chickens and an organic vegetable garden. For dinner I’ll make something simple such as lamb chops, mashed potatoes with lots of butter and cream and steamed vegetables. I’m a bit of a vegetable freak, so we’ll often have four or five different varieties on the table.

After supper we’ll watch a movie; exactly which one depends on how many of the kids are around to slog it out. Our eldest two, Mickey, 27, and Jake, 25, live in the US now, so it will usually be Coco, 20, and Giacomo, 15, at home with us in England.

More often than not it’s Giacomo who gets to choose the film as we always want his company and he’s not prepared to sit through “a boring documentary”. So we’ll watch Hot Fuzz for the 100th time or something with Russell Brand in it. Giacomo has got a thing for Russell Brand at the moment; Get Him to the Greek is pretty popular in our house right now.

On Saturday morning I’ll make breakfast. We’ll have veggie juice – usually carrot, apple and ginger – and a full English with eggs from the farm.

Afterwards, I’ll go for a ride up to Stonehenge on Jay, my horse. It’s a beautiful four-mile trip with plenty of scope for galloping. After a busy week it’s great to get out into the country and leave all the emails and phone calls behind.

When I come back, Sting, Giacomo and I will take the dogs for a walk around the farm and visit the livestock. It’s a wonderful sight right now with all the Iron Age pigs, White Park cattle, Gloucester Old Spots, saddlebacks and Anglo-Bunin goats roaming about in the fields, along with our 160 new lambs. I’ll probably check in with Ed Olphin, my partner at Lake House Table, our ready-to-cook meals business, at some stage on Saturday morning – our offices are in a cottage on the farm – and then we’ll have a big, late lunch, something like a bowl of pasta bolognese with salad, washed down with a couple of glasses of wine and then some really lethal homemade chocolate ice cream.

If the weather is warm, we’ll eat outside at a table overlooking the garden and watch the donkeys, Eliviro and Barney.

On Saturday night we tend to go out; either for a pub supper at the Wheatsheaf or the Bridge or we’ll go to the cinema in Salisbury. Then on Sundays we usually have a crowd over for a roast – even in the hottest weather.

Lunch probably won’t start until 3pm and will almost certainly go on until 5.30. Richard E Grant and his wife Joan are regular guests, and Guy Ritchie often comes over from his house, Ashcombe, which is just 25 minutes away. He usually brings his fishing rod with him and after lunch sits quietly by the River Avon, which runs through our farm.

Sting isn’t into fishing but he’s a great one for a long walk, wherever he is in the world and one of his favourite spots is the boathouse on the river at Lake House. He strolls down there after lunch and writes or simply sits and watches the water rushing past.

On Sunday evening, even if it’s getting dark, Sting and I will go for another long meander. We’ll talk and listen to the evening birdsong and watch the stars coming out. It always reminds me of walking with my Dad up country lanes when I was small and hearing his stories of wartime on his farm. I absolutely love the tranquillity of Lake House; it’s my sanctuary.

I’m always on a plane these days catching up with the kids and Sting or going to meetings. At the moment I’m in Los Angeles just longing to be back there, taking a walk with Mikey.

It would be impossible to fly back across the Atlantic every weekend, of course, but I feel very lucky that my childhood dream really has come true.

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