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Microsoft Postpones Windows Phone 7 Launch in China

imageMicrosoft is set to launch its Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system in China at the first half of 2012. It was originally planned to roll out in late 2011. The announcement was made last Saturday. The software giant said that it was working to ensure that users get a great experience with their Windows Phone.

Microsoft is working with Chinese partners to determine what channels and when the Windows Phones would be available in the region. It has been discussing with various China-based handset makers such as Lenovo, Huawei Technologies, and ZTE.

The cause of the postponement is due to the company’s wish for more time to negotiate with partners and to refine the mobile operating system for Chinese consumers. The company would use the information it got when it launched Windows Phone in other markets.

Microsoft didn’t elaborate with regards to the reasons for the delay. China has become the world’s largest smartphone market in terms of shipments. In the third quarter of the current year, 23.9 million smartphones were shipped in the country. The quantity is 600,000 units more than the United States.

In China, Android smartphones are the top sellers. In the third quarter of the year, Android smartphones got 58 percent of the market. Nokia’s Symbian OS phones got second place with 23 percent. Nokia has adopted Windows Phone 7 for its smartphones and dropped its own Symbian OS.

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