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Merging and New Technology

imageEmerging technology is very important to society. Each time modern technology is taken to another level the results are amazingly crucial to the politics of society. The University of Rhode Island conducted research on rainbow trout to test muscle growth. modern technology allowed the university to create a trans genetic trout with a six pack of abs. This emerging technology could lead to the use of muscle growth procedures when raising farm fed trout without the cost of food. An interesting story however a Little disturbing. Imagine eating trout that was infused with myostatin for growth.

This emerging technology will soon lead to everything being infused with a technical non-growth hormone, that has yet to figure out its affects on humans. Considering all the experimentation done, one would assume that an emerging technology would result in improper food preparation for the sake of making profit.

The team of scientist spent 500 hours injecting 20,000 rainbow trout eggs with various DNA types designed to inhibit myostatin. Of the eggs that hatched, 300 carried the gene that led to increased muscle growth. After two years, most exhibited body-builder physiques with six-pack abs even though fish lack standard abdominal muscles.

Modern technology has a funny way of making profit convenient for those using a particular type of technology, and an expense to those who purchase it. On the contrary, the consumption of such food may become readily accessible at a cheaper rate thanks to this modern technology. A positive outcome of all this could be the research of muscle deceases in humans and the further study of how to cure joint and muscle pain.

If modern technology can be effective on a rainbow trout with barely no muscle mass, then why can’t it help humans. Humans may be able to escape working out and instead inject themselves with myostatin. Modern technology as such may stop the production of steroids all together. Most of all this emerging technology may stop the need for osteoporosis medications. A cure may even be found for muscle deformity. Emerging technology presents an arena for cures and medicines to help aid in allot of the aging process. Additionally, if this modern technology does get incorporated into the feeding process with other animals, when humans eat, will they still receive the affects of the myostatin? Emerging technology is vital to the growth of science but not to the health of a human. Sometimes scientists get carried away and place people in harms way rather than save them from it.

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