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Marriage, Family and Children

imageIf you’re planning to get married then it would also be natural that you would want to have a family. When you think of a normal family, you picture out a home, with a providing father leading, a loving mother caring and a child or children living their life in complete bliss. Surely this is what a couple would normally want. There’s this unspoken rule that when a couple have children then they should stay together. Well, usually the children are what keeps the bond of the spouses strong and other parents will try to just reconcile for the sake of their children. It’s not that good actually, staying together for the kids, but it has its own strengths.

A couple get married, have kids, encounters problem, thought of divorce, stayed together for the kids and in the end they learned that they could settle their differences without a need for a divorce. That is what having children to keep your bonds can do. It is not completely good because other couples can’t survive and the family ends up being torn apart. But still, if spouses could learn to both be there for their children then they too end up being much closer to each other. A marriage, for the husband and wife, will definitely try to overcome their problems and differences with the help of their children.

So how can the bonds of a couple and their children grow even stronger? It’s just a matter of having time to spend with your family. A working dad could take a day or two off just to treat his son and wife out to a movie date and dinner for three. If mom could plan a weekend picnic for the whole family and just forget about the stress of everyday living. Or just unload all worries and bring the family camping outside of town and just immerse yourselves to the beauty of nature, together, with nothing dragging you like work or homework. Just being with the family, being there at the moment and sharing your time together is all you need to keep the family going and strengthen the bond between you and your spouse.

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