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Makeover Tips to Make Head Turn

Passing years and the same face/persona looking back at you can leave you bored. The same hairstyle, pattern of make-up and dress code can leave you discontented with your own self. There comes a time when we feel a need of change, whether a hair redo, dress code or make-up. What encompasses a makeover? Well, it is a term applied to changing one’s appearance, sometimes through cosmetics. Makeovers can range from something as simple as a new haircut, to the use of cosmetic surgery, to the extreme of the implantation of dental veneers, eye-color-changing contact lenses, and the use of appearance-altering gastric bypass surgeries, providing massive, permanent fat loss in obese persons, and the associated plastic surgeries, such as abdominoplasty, to eliminate the resulting loose-hanging skin folds (the “panniculus”).

The most important thing to consider whilst you are looking for a makeover, is that you feel comfortable with what your therapist is doing. If your therapist suggests something extreme and you’re not comfortable with it, then say so. But at the same time, try to be adventurous.

A makeover should refresh and invigorate you and build your confidence.

Things to keep in mind when opting for a makeover:
What’s the Occasion: Whether you’re having a makeover for a special occasion or just looking for tips on how you can improve your appearance generally, the stylist should take some time to find out about you. You can discuss your skin and hair colour and texture, the demands of your lifestyle and your feelings about clothes and change. This will help your therapist to assess how much of a change you want, and what tips will be practical for you.

Don’t rely too much on Comfort: Sweatpants, sneakers and bulky sweatshirts are comfortable, but don’t do much for the figure or confidence level. There are many pieces of clothing, for example ballet flats, that are just as comfortable but are much more stylish and figure friendly. A white button-down blouse and great fitting jeans are just two of the pieces that need to be in the closet. These pieces can mix and match with a variety of other pieces to create endless outfits. Accessories can also make a huge difference; for example, new earrings make a person’s face look different.

Take note of Physical Changes: If you are going for a fashion makeover, take note of your latest body statistics for that perfect fit. Also discuss your skin and hair colour and texture, the demands of your lifestyle and your feelings about clothes and change. This will help your therapist to assess how much of a change you want, and what tips will be practical for you. For example, to add height and look slim, choose clothes that are tailored to fit your shape.

Need for a Healthy Diet: The US National Weight Control Registry reported that successful long-term weight losers and maintainers shared a number of characteristics including a low-fat diet, regular cereal breakfast consumption and regular exercise. This has been supported by other studies in which eating breakfast, especially a cereal breakfast, is associated with a lower body mass index. The reason for this are probably to do with how a breakfast meal establishes patterns of eating or overeating for the following meals. Check out, the eight essentials of healthy eating at Healthy eating for Every Body Shape.

Exercise Input: No makeover is complete without the input of workout-physical, social and spiritual. Women Fitness fitness experts provide members a makeover completely customized to your individual metabolism, your unique body type and your specific problem areas. And since it’s customized to your exact needs, you don’t waste time doing things that won’t work for you. Right from the start you take only those steps that are right for you, so you quickly get the results you’ve always wanted. All core workouts should begin with abdominal breathing, then depending on your body type should take you through a moderate exercise program to engage your upper and lower rectus abdominus muscle and your obliques, side muscles. Strengthening your core gives you the lean look you want and protects your spine and lower back, according to the “Ace Fitness” article “Protecting Your Back at Work”.

Learn to Balance Body Imperfections: Shape and silhouette are one thing, but then we all have our niggling little quirks that require further advice and fine-tuning. If the length of your neck bothers you, fill in the space by wearing a hairstyle that ends mid-way down your neck. Use chokers, scarves and roll-neck tops to ‘shorten’ length. In case you have a short neck, always wear an open neckline. A V-neck top creates an illusion of a longer, slimmer neck, or wear a fine chain below the collar bone; longer chains are even more slimming/elongating. In case you are small busted, make the most of what you have got with a good bra that creates shape (avoid sports bras in favour of slightly padded styles). Note that, short sleeves ‘widen’ the bust area. To locate more tips, click here.

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