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Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Tips and Tricks

View Files in the Trash

With Leopard’s Quick Look, you no longer have to drag items from the trash in order to view them. While in the trash folder, hit Command+Y while on any file to see a preview of its contents.

Change a Folder Icon

Want to change an icon to something more to your liking? First, find the icon you want. Then click on it, and hit Command+C to copy it. Click on the icon you want to change, and use Command+I to launch the folder info. Click on the old icon in the folder and use Command+V to paste the new icon.

Open New Tabs with the Address Bar in Safari

If you want to open an address in a new tab without deselecting your current tab, type the address into the address bar, then press Command+Enter. This allows you to work easily in multiple tabs.

Preview a Font

If you want to see what a font looks like, you don’t have to open Font Book or a font manager. In Cover Flow, a font icon will appear as a small, two-letter sample of the font you have selected. To see a larger sample of the font, select a font file and use Quick Look (Command+Y) to see it, or just hit the spacebar.

Change Your Stack View

You can choose to view your stack in either a fan or a grid view. To change it, click on a stack until a menu appears. Then, select “View As” and choose either Fan or Grid. The stack will then open with your preferred style.

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