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Livescribe and Evernote link real notebooks and virtual ones

I’ve written before about the Livescribe smart pen. It’s a pen that contains a camera and a microphone.


The camera tracks the pen’s position on the page, allowing you to sync your notebook back to your computer, while the microphone captures audio that the pen syncs with what you’re writing.

t’s become essential for me when I’m doing interviews because it means my notes are automatically synced with the recording of the conversation. I would recommend it especially for journalists and students.

I also use Evernote – a notebook app that lets me save notes in a variety of formats and sync them between a variety of computers and devices. It’s particularly handy on my phone because I can use the camera to take a photograph of something – a business card for example, which Evernote will then scan and make searchable.

Both the Livescribe pen and Evernote have become part of my routine so I was excited to see that they are now working together. I can now sync my Livescribe notebook into Evernote, where it will be converted into images and scanned so that I can search within the text.

The Livescribe Desktop app already does that, of course, but this new tie-up puts all my notes in one place so that I can put my handwritten notes in the same place as related photos and typed notes and then access all of them on my phone.

At the moment it appears that the syncing has to be done manually but Evernote’s blog promises that the process will soon become “entirely seamless”. It’s exciting for anyone who uses both tools. And for those who don’t – I recommend that you try them.

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