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Live Healthy Lifestyle

We All like to live a healthy lifestyle. Weather that means healthy exercise or kicking a nasty habit or losing weights but how do you get started?

Well let me explain you some things to get started. Do you know for health or wait lose one of the most important things you can do is fill half of your plate with fruits or vegetables with every meal, what that does is helps keeps your calories under control and it also insure that you are getting plenty of fiber Vitamins and minerals with your diet which helps to control all your risk factors for disease like Heart disease, Cancer and it can even keep your skin looking wrinkles free, smooth, glowing and healthy.

People usually break there appointment with Doctors. That is not good you should sit-down on you the day you are free and schedule your appointments on your calendar and go out for your checkup on the date you have schedule with doctor do not be lazy in this matter. Weather the appointment day is your birthday even then does not miss it. Make sure you are getting the care you need to catch a problem before it becomes a real problem.

Research has shown stress has become a factor in a lot of disease, everything from catching a cold to developing Cancer to developing heart disease Even depression. So it’s very important to take time for yourself during the day. It can be anything that you enjoy, doesn’t mean that O I need to get a massage or I need to officially relax. It can just be what you enjoy. I   personally not be happy If I am not reading my favorite novel. I just sure that I just have one with all the time whenever I have couple of minutes  I just pull it open and it makes me happy and release the stress and I think every buddy should have special like that.

Walking is one the best exercise. You can do it any where it’s easy to do.  For this exercise you do not have to be super athlete. Just 10 minutes because walking is best for your heart even slow walking is good for you it’s good for your health its good for your weight control. Select stairs instead of elevators park your can a little bit further away from the entrance of your office or mall and walk even these little thing doing can add up your day.

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