‘Prevention is better than cure’ goes the old saying. Today it has greater relevance than ever before.


According to a recent international report, a good percentage of the world’s cancer can be prevented by healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and a healthy balanced diet is the secret to preventing cancer.

The world is seeing an increase in the number of cancer cases like never before. The fast pace of life filled with smoke, booze and junk food are some of the main accusers for this rise. According to reports, one-third of the cancer is caused due to smoking. Experts say that exercise has become a word of the past. Obesity is another cause for worry. Lack of regular exercise along with an increase in the consumption of processed, unnatural food is the other reasons for the increase in the cancer rate in the world.

This study is an eye-opener to the world. It calls for immediate action from individuals as well as governments and other authorities. Experts believe that governments need to legislate healthy living. There are many ways of doing this. Mandatory walking and cycling paths in every road, banning sugary drinks and fast food in school areas are some of the first, effective ways of ensuring healthier lifestyle. Schools, colleges and other organizations should promote physical activity in their curriculum. The government should support policies better priced, healthier food choices for consumers such as reformulating processed food to have less sugar, salt and fat. Health policies need to be formulated keeping cancer risks as the base.

At the end of the day, it is the responsibility of every individual to ensure healthier living for himself and his family. Simple acts such as cycling to school or work, eating more fruits, cutting down on carbonated drinks can work wonders in this direction. For further details check out the source article.

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