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Latest Google PageRank Update : 27th June 2011

After almost 6 months of time from Jan 2011 – June 2011, Google has finally updated the PageRank on 27th June 2011 and its still rolling. The discussion is getting viral in nearly all the Webmaster forums and Webmasters are sharing their thoughts and stories regarding PR update.

According to sources, this PageRank update will last for about a week’s time and updated ranks are subject to change as Google is undergoing the process. It’s nothing to worry about if this was really a bad day for you and you got hurt because it has nothing to do with Search engine ranking positions and traffic/visits on your blog but it will definitely hurt your earnings via advertising/link selling.
You can still work hard to get good PR on next update because Google is now updating it’s PR after 6 months (no more quaterly) so you got time to increase your backlinks and those who got increase in PR can enjoy good times now.
Some people don’t care about Google PR but PageRank really matters for some people specially professional bloggers working day and night to get their blogs on top. You can share your good or bad stories here and also take help on how to increase your PR and backlinks.

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