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Kids Health- The Parent Chapter

parents the biggest and most important issues of their lives are their children. They are always concerned about the health of their children, their habits, friends and every detail concerned with the lives of their children. Kids Health is a very astute program of Nemours, a non profit organization designated to children’s health. A child’s health is a serious matter for both the parents as well as the teachers. This chapter of Nemours helps to provide information and guidelines for parents, teachers, teenagers and kids themselves. The website of the chapter includes games, animations, articles, and health resources for children, teens and parents.

The motto of the parent site is to provide knowledge, advice and comfort to the parents. It provides information about the general health of children, infections and allergies, growth and development, nutrition and fitness, emotions and behavior, medical problems, pregnancies and newborns, medications, first aid and safety and even some advice on positive parenting. A kid’s health is not just about his physical needs and wants but also the mental health. How he is growing and interacting with other children and how well his habits are being developed. The general health if a child is basically about his sleeping routine, his teeth, eyes, ears, nose and throat. Again it is not just about your child being healthy and clean but also about developing habits and determining if your son is old enough to brush his teeth himself or should your daughter sleep alone in the room after a nightmare.

Emotions and behavior are also a major part of the kid’s health. Sometimes children experience phobias or anxiety, childhood stress, eating disorders or they face issues such as dealing with a death or divorce.


These emotions are very raw at a young age and the parents need to be careful about how to deal with them. Behavior is another major issue as children display mood swings and acting out. Teenagers have their own way of displaying behavioral issues by misbehaving, or coming home late or disobeying. Kids Health provides guidance to the parents on how to understand their child’s behavior and counter them without the children realizing it.

Growth and development is both physical and mental. How well the child has developed his senses, and communication skills. How you communicate with your child is exactly how he will learn to communicate with others? Children learn from their parents and apply the new things they learn. This chapter of Nemours also talks about issues such as sexual development and how you can ensure that your child does not make any mistakes and is fully aware of everything around him.

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