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Keep Your Kids Healthy

imageAccording to world health organization the health is the condition of body when a person has complete wellness of physical, mental. Social and emotional activities. He eats, sleeps, perform all activities in full form. When he can combat with all infections which cause diseases. We are facing in our daily life many factors which are not in our control as environmental changes, our mental thoughts, our social relation ships. All these factors affect our body.  The kids are a delicate gift of nature has very delicate hearts also have to suffer all these environmental and physical problems as the adult faces. As they have no idea and experience all these problems. They become disturb mentally or physically more easily as compared to elders. So how to keep them healthy in there physical health as well as mental health.


The physical health o a child is important to become a strong body which can compete with the diseases as well as compete with struggle for survival. It’s the wish of every parent that there child will become strong individual. Each parent try to full fill the needs of body of their child within their range. The child needs a continuous attention in their eating’s. Usually they want to eat according to their desires. As they want to eat chocolates, ice creams and all yummy things. At they same time they want variety in their eating’s. So it’s the great tact to give the child a healthy diet according to your will and make this diet so special that it will become their will. First we have to know that what type of diet is the need of our child. It should be balanced and to meet all the requirements of body as well as help in there body growth. So the parent should keep in watch at the diets which cover all the body needs. The food is full source of energy to their kids.


The mental growth of child is also as important as the physical growth. When a child is exposed to new ideas and knowledge he absorbs these new things like a sponge.  To learn new things from the environment is crucial for there mental and emotional growth.  To make the balanced personality it is important to leave them to experience different problems of life and this is done with your full observation and guidance. The children are allowed to move in society to meet different problems and allow them as well as some suitable circumstances to solve these problems and allowed to play a key role in society.  For well balanced mental growth of a child we need to arrange such activities for child by which he learns more and more   extra curricular. By playing, by arranging puzzles, by telling he stories. Pay attention to your child growth and make your future secure.

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