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Is My Favourite Holiday Destination

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I love travelling. I love the quiet yet buzzing sound of everyone talking under the high roofs of the airport. I love the taste of strange aeroplane food, and the site of the land and ocean far below you.

I love that feeling when the door opens and you climb out of the plane into a wall of delicious and welcoming heat. I love that smell, the one you can’t quite identify, that lets you know that you are in foreign climes.

Of all my holidays, there is one country that stands out in my mind. Turkey, birthplace of the ottoman empire, a country full to the veritable brim with ruins and history, sun and lizards and mountains. To me, this country is the ultimate holiday destination, and the one that keeps calling me back to visit again.

When you arrive in Turkey, it can all seem a little strange, The streets bustle with people, and even walking from the coach to your hotel will be an assault on your senses, as the smells and sounds (not to mention the heat) are so very different. It can be surreal walking through a city or a town, where people hawk their goods to you, where bartering is as natural as breathing, and where food can cost barely anything in one location, and be really pricey in the next.

After a few hours of acclimatisation, however, you will soon realise that there is something special about this place. It may be the mountains that you can almost always see somewhere in the distance that convince you. Alternatively, you could realise how friendly the people are, and how for some reason the Brits don’t act as horrifically here as they do in other holiday spots.

The final factor that made me fall utterly, completely and irreversibly in love with this country are the day trips. Whilst day trips often seem like something every tourist has to do, they let me as a non-driver see parts of the country I otherwise wouldn’t have. Such as the amazing blazing white slopes of Pamukkale, a natural warm spring whose minerals have painted the hillside in this icy shade. Or Efes, the dramatic ruins of an ancient Greek city, where the tour guide will lead you from the library to the brothel down roads that are still paved and past huge buildings that have been pieced back together.

If you want to experience this country, then you are in luck. Despite the fact that it is out of the EU, holidays are cheap as chips, and package holidays often cost you less than the flights alone would! I reckon you should take hold of the opportunity, and see what holidays are available for this summer!


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