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I Need Help! Fast Computer Support

imageRemote technical support has become a valuable and efficient tool for technical professionals as well their clients. Whether you are a home user or part of a business’ network , there are many advantages to this type of support .Remote  support allows a technician to troubleshoot and resolve software related problems for their clients from anywhere in the world using remote desktop software.  Remote desktop software lets the technicians take control of a computer in a different location, transfer diagnostic and repair tools onto the user’s desktop and uses these tools to perform the tasks needed to resolve the user’s  issue. And all that is needed is an Internet connection (and the user’s permission)!  Remote support is safe and risk-free. The user can see everything that the tech is doing on their computer as it is displayed on their monitor.

Common repairs using remote support include e-mail issues, registry repair, device driver issues, Windows security updates, viruses and spyware removal, and other software-specific problems.    Because using remote support allows for “on the spot” problem solving, the downtime of the computer is significantly decreased.  Another advantage of using remote support is reduced travel times and supports costs.  If you’re in Vernon and getting a “Windows update error” we can help you remotely without needing to travel for an hour.   And no longer will you need unplug and haul your computer around to get help! Just leave it in your office and we’ll do the heavy lifting!

Although remote support is generally used for software support and can’t “repair” hardware issues, it can often be used to diagnose faulty hardware components such as the motherboard or ram.  The actual physical repair would have to be done in-person.

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