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We can’t rely on the RAF alone to defeat Libya

Another day and another senior member of our military establishment gives a stark warning that we simply cannot sustain the level of operations that are currently taking place in Afghanistan and Libya.


As my colleague Thomas Harding reports today, Air Chief Marshal Sir Simon Bryant, the head of the RAF’s combat operations, has written to the Government warning that serious damage will be done to its ability to conduct future operations if the Libya mission last’s – as seems likely – beyond September.

Sir Simon’s warning is deeply embarrassing to the Government, especially after David Cameron claimed last week that the military had all the resources it needed for the Libyan mission.

That is patently not the case after the Government took the ludicrous decision last year to cut vital defence capabilities – Nimrod, Ark Royal, the fast jet fleet – to save money at a time when the threats to this nation’s security appear to be multiplying by the day.

At the risk of being repetitive, it is obvious that Britain cannot afford the luxury of fighting two wars at once. If the Government insists on committing our forces to fight wars in foreign lands, then it has a moral obligation to provide them with the equipment they need to do the job.

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