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HTC Gratia Brings Aria With Android 2.2

Gratia is the latest designer phone that is designer and compact android smart phone from HTC. This phone has great features and its weight is around 4 ounces.


This has good camera features too with some sense of style being added to it. It is green in colour and has seamless wrap around soft corner that is away from any harmless edges. This has been a problem with all HTC phones since long. However, apart from this feature, all phones are very stylish with all good features included in it.

HTC Gratia Specs and Features

This new phone from HTC combines style with functionality. This is a sleek phone with 5-mega pixel camera. It also includes auto focus with its camera feature. It is four inches in length with 4 ounces in weight. It includes latest version of android. It also experience good HTC sense feeling that places you in centre. Some unexpected features would surely put smile on your face. It keeps you easily connected with the friends through friend stream. This helps you to post and comment and keeps your updates on facebook, twitter and all other social networking sites. This phone has 600 MHz processor and 512 MB ROM and 384 MB RAM. This phone has 3.2-inch touch screen that has 320 *480 resolutions. It has onscreen navigation and optical trackball along with G sensor and digital compass. It includes proximity sensor and ambient light sensor too. It has connectivity with Wi-Fi and blue tooth. It has standard micro USB for connection too. It has expandable memory slot with that of SD 2.0 compatibility. The main of the feature is that it helps you in staying connected with your friends easily.

HTC Gratia Review

HTC gratia is a stylish phone that includes other main features that is consumer friendly. It gives you an experience of HTC sense and that will bring you all major HTC features included in it. If you are a person who is involved with friends and clients then this HTC gratia is a great phone for you. You can easily stay connected with the social networking sites. You do not have any connectivity issues as you have good connection features with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This sleek featured phone is good to be used easily and you get good auto focus with camera too.

HTC Gratia Release and Price
HTC Gratia would be released soon in 2011. The date may not be accurately revealed but it would be out in first quarter of 2011. Not much is known with the HTC gratia price too. However, it is expected that HTC gratia would be available with 399 euro. It is going to be us to watch for the release in 2011.

HTC gratia is going to keep you stylish yet giving you all features that you need. So enjoy the time even when you are in your office by staying connected with your friends through facebook and twitter.


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