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How to get your 15 minutes of exercise a day

Sarah Hewitt, a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer, says there are many activities you could do to help reach your 15 minutes of exercise a day.


Take the stairs instead of the lifts or get off a stop early on the bus. Going for a walk in your lunch break will help. You could try exploring a new route every day and turn your brisk walk into something fun. Don’t be afraid to change things if they get too repetitive.

Easy Cycling to work, walking the dog, swimming and chores such as washing the car or mowing the lawn.

Moderate Yoga, jogging, skipping, short sprints and football.

Hard Interval running, Ashtanga yoga and boxing are excellent for more intense workouts.

A workout doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are five exercises you can do anywhere.

1 Squats beginners should start in a chair and stand up and sit down a few times without using your arms to support yourself. When this becomes too easy move away from the chair and do regular squats. Make sure your knees are in line with your hips and that you breath. Finally, you can do one legged squats and wall squats (with your back against a wall). For the really advanced you could try a one-legged wall squat.

2 Lunges a simple forward lunge should be the starting level. Then add a reverse lunge and a side lunge. You can invent your own pattern of lunges, adding more when you feel you need to. A reverse lunge where you aim diagonally instead of straight is one of the hardest.

3 Push and pull beginners can start by doing press-ups with knees on the floor before working up to a full press-up. For a more intense workout, try raising one leg off the floor or maybe even an arm. Pulling exercises are good with a partner. Make sure you plant your feet firmly and holding hands push and pull each others arms. To make it harder one of you can resist the movement.

4 Twist for this you need to sit on the floor with your knees up. Twist to one side and then the other. When this feels easy you can raise your legs off the ground, cross them and extend your legs away from you and then bring them in towards your abdominal muscles.

5 Crunches On the floor. Make sure your tongue is firmly at the roof of your mouth to prevent damage to your neck. Keep a space under your chin and breathe out as you come up.

Sarah Hewitt was speaking to Camila Ruz

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