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How to Customize Windows 7 – 10 Best Tips

imageWindows 7 might be Microsoft’s most stable OS to date, but there’s still a myriad of ways it can be customized to be made even better. Here are ten best tips on how to customize Windows 7.



10 Change The Windows Theme

Right-click whilst on your desktop, and then choose ‘Personalize’. You can then change the current theme in a slew of ways such as the desktop wallpaper, colour scheme, system sounds and even mouse pointers. There’s a variety of already-selectable themes to pick from but if you navigate to the ‘Get more themes online’ link, you’ll be able to download other themes for completely free.

9 Switching System Sounds

Navigate to the Control Panel, and then go to Appearance and Personalization where you’ll see ‘Change sound effects’. You can now change or disable the sounds that Windows 7 assigns to each system event. Hurray!

8 Adding Taskbar Toolbars

Even though there’s a host of useful taskbar toolbars, there’s still other types of toolbar for quick access to certain tasks or folders. Right-click on an empty part of the taskbar, and then select ‘Toolbars’ where you’ll be able to enter an address into an address box for quick-launching URLs, as well as adding a desktop button in order for desktop shortcuts.

7 Change Windows Start Menu Power Option

The default power button behaviour for Windows 7 can be changed from ‘Sleep’ to a full shutdown. Right-click the Start menu, choose ‘Properties’ and select the desirable option within the ‘Power button action’ dropdown list.

6 Change Logon Interface

To change the Windows 7 user login screen, download the free Logon Changer utility which easily changes it for you.

5 Change Desktop Icons

Firstly, right-click on the desktop and choose ‘Personalize’, then click ‘Change desktop icons’ and select the icon you want to change. Now, lick ‘Change Icon’ to to choose from a list of icons. Alternatively, go to ‘Browse’ to use your own.

4 Speed up File Transfers

Download TeraCopy, which significantly increases the process of speeding up file transfers.

3 Customize Notification Area

Right-click the taskbar, choose ‘Properties’ and then click the ‘Customize’ button on the General tab to see options for each Notification area icon.

2 Change Smart Menu Icon Image

Download Start Orb Changer, which will let you choose from 10 ready-made Start button images.

1 Controlling Window Sizes Via Keyboard

Download Window Manager – it allows users to set window sizes and positions – mainly for applications – where you can activate them via keyboard shortcuts.

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