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How to Compress A File

imageSome files are too big to be sent over the internet and it is often necessary to “compress” them to make them smaller so that they can be sent more quickly. The files are not damaged or changed, just stored in a different way. A good analogy is to think of it like taking a large letter, folding it up and putting it inside a small envelope. You send the envelope which now takes up less space, but at the other end the envelope can be opened and the large letter folded out again. The contents can now be “extracted” back to their original size and used as normal.

To compress a file with Windows XP, Vista or 7 follow these instructions:

1.Create a new folder and cut or copy all of the files the you would like to compress into the folder

2.Right click on the folder and select Send To from the menu which appears

3.Select Compressed (zipped) Folder from the list of options

4.Attach the compressed folder(with the .zip extension) to your email

To uncompress the files:

1.Right click on the compressed

2.Select Extract All from the menu which appears

3.This will open the Windows Extraction wizard

4.Click Next to extract the files

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