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Introducing this superb hotel chain offering all publishers the opportunity of promoting 7 amazing hotels and resorts in the bustling islands of Mallorca and Minorca (Spain), 2 of the most popular tourist destinations in the last years

Corus Hotels

Corus Hotels official site. Corus Hotels offers a perfect accommodation solution for both business and pleasure

Legacy Hotels

Legacy Hotels & Resorts is a collection of properties that combines the perfect blend of character, comfort and relaxation with great value for money.

Trivago UK

trivago® is the world’s largest hotel search, comparing prices of over 700,000 hotels from more than 200 booking sites such as, Expedia and

Abba Hoteles

Abba Hoteles es una cadena hotelera española creada en 1999. Inició su andadura en el mundo de la hostelería con tan sólo tres hoteles y en la actualidad cuenta ya con 26 establecimientos en España, Andorra, Francia, Reino Unido, Alemania y República Checa
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Ctrip is a leading online travel agency, established in 1999 and NASDAQ listed since 2003. Ctrip serves over 60 million members from China and around the globe, offering more than 35,000 hotels in China, over 220,000 hotels worldwide, and over 80,000 flight routes. is a leading online travel distributor specializing in discounted hotel bookings for both business and leisure travelers. We offer competitive rates at over 250,000 hotels in 20,000 worldwide destinations – 208 countries including all popular destinations in the North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Con más de un millón de clientes y pionera en la reserva online de alojamientos, ofrece una oferta sin precedentes gracias a los más de 180.000 hoteles que tiene en su catálogo repartidos por todo el mundo y que han sido distribuidos en apartados específicos en función del tipo de establecimiento que el cliente desea encontrar: de lujo, de esquí, de montaña, paradores, apartamentos, balnearios

Amoma UK has become a leader in online hotel reservations by providing access and low price guarantee to over 213,000 properties

Sercotel Sercotel, cuenta con más de 150 hoteles emplazados en más de 80 destinos repartidos por España, Andorra, Colombia y Portugal, lo que nos convierte en una de las más importantes cadenas de hoteles en España. Nuestros hoteles destacan por su calidad y óptima ubicación en el centro de las ciudades, en áreas financieras y comerciales, en emplazamientos singulares donde el cliente puede ‘desconectar’ o en lugares idóneos para la celebración de eventos, reuniones, convenciones, etc. Por supuesto, el servicio y el trato personal es otro denominador común de los hoteles de la cadena is the UK’s leading hotel booking exclusive. We present a wide world of hotel probabilities, with marvellous offers backed up by our reassuring Price Promise.

TripAdvisor is the world’s biggest travel website, making able passengers to plan and get the complete trip. TripAdvisor present advice from passers-by and a wide variety of journey selection and planning features with booking tools, with more than 260 million unique monthly visitors, and over 150 million reviews and opinions covering more than 3.7 million accommodations, restaurants and attractions. The sites operate in 39 countries worldwide, along with China under

trivago’s hotel seeking let users to get hotel costs in just a few clicks from more than 200 booking websites for above 700,000 hotels whole over the world. More than 45 million passers-by using the hotel sites every month and protect an average of 35% for the same hotel room in the same city.

Narrating Hotel Verta, it is a deluxe boutique hotel which departs beyond your every hopes, a five-star experience with a matchless style. The décor features historical nuances, with a contemporary, artisan feel. The service standard and guests experience have been on a highly level.

Premier Inn is the UK and Ireland’s greatest and quickest leading hotel company. along With over 650 budget hotels presenting quality accommodation at reasonable hotel costs.

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