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Hey Kelowna – Backup – Disaster Recovery – Are you prepared?

imageWe all know that we should back up our important data, but maybe we don’t know what files we should back up on our systems or we don’t know how to back up. And of course we’re busy too.In Information Technology, a backup or the process of backing up refers to making copies of data so that these additional copies may be used to restore the original after a data loss event.

Backups are useful primarily for two purposes. The first is to restore a state following a disaster (called disaster recovery). The second is to restore small numbers of files after they have been accidentally deleted or corrupted. Data loss is also very common. 67% of internet users have suffered from serious data loss.

imageSince a backup system contains at least one copy of all data worth saving, the data storage requirements are considerable. Organizing this storage space and managing the backup process is a complicated undertaking. If you’re like most computer users, you know that a backup is a necessity, but like most, you also don’t have either the time or knowledge to perform one. In the modern era of computing there are many different types of data storage devices that are useful for making backups.

One of the options that we offer at Northern Computer is Offsite Online Backup. Your important information can be anything from your business files to the cherished photos of your family. Our online backup service is:

Safe – Your information is first stored in a secure data center. From there your data is replicated to a second secure datacenter in a different city.

imageSecure – The online backup data we send is safe from prying eyes. Your data is encrypted on YOUR computer…before it leaves. No one can access your files without a secure password.

Easy – We can be backing up your files just minutes from now with our simple yet powerful online backup software.

Other benefits of using an online backup service including:
image• Never have to back up to CDs or DVDs or any other unreliable media
• Retrieve your files from anywhere via the Internet with a web browser
• File retention for changed and deleted files. You choose the retention period
• Perform “Point-in-time” restores (your spreadsheet from 5 days ago!)
• Set online backup schedules according to your network needs
• Data compression to enhance speed and to optimize online storage
• Back up files on Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac systems
• Enjoy peace of mind knowing your critical data files are encrypted and protected offsite in a secure data center
• Eliminate the cost of creating and managing offsite backup media
• Backup Exchange, MS SQL and Oracle Databases while they are in use.

We can back up individual work stations or your server machine. All that we require is remote access and a high speed connection. We will check on your data size and local storage space. You will then be quoted a price based on the size of your data backup. With your approval we will then install software, start initial backup, and once completed schedule the backup to run daily, or any other time that you might prefer.

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