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Health tips to live a Healthy life

Health is a very important factor in our life. we should not ignore it even a little bit. This article will tel you about some health issue and it will also give you some health tips.


Substandard health and substandard education both are obstacles in life. Living without health is not as hard as living without wealth. Studies have proved that ‘dieting’ does not provide permanent solutions. About 95% of the people who follow diet plans regain the weight and I am sure that you do not want to take a risk of expecting to be in other 5%.The everlasting solution for improved health is to mould your lifestyle into a one with which you can live on a permanent bases.

All you need to do is to establish a balance between your old ways and the new ones. Following the new eating habits along with fitness training can make you what you have always dreamt of. The main reasons for poor health are the diet you intake, lack of exercise and lack of sunlight and fresh air. And of all the things ‘water’ is the best solution.

Following are a few health tips that can help you in staying healthy by drinking water:

Drinking hot water speeds up the metabolism rate and burns calories.

Water and rice work very well together as it makes the rice expand in your stomach, making you more satisfied.

You should drink water as soon as you wake up in the morning. It maintains a healthy living.

Drinking eight glasses of water in a day is recommended by nutritionists.

A change in sleep patterns has a constant effect on your health. It has a direct effect in a person’s ability to work throughout a day. Those individuals who have poor sleeping patterns stay fatigued and have mood swings as well. Too much and too little sleep is harmful to healthy living so you should keep your sleeping hours stable.

Josh Billings, an American humorist once said that “there are lots of people in this world who spend so much time watching their health that they haven’t the time to enjoy it”. You all need to follow this principle and enjoy your health. Physical exercise is also an important factor that helps in the maintenance of overall health.

It is not about being athletic or going to gym and putting on mass. Physical fitness can be attained by doing exercise on daily bases or even taking part on sports like swimming, squash, aerobics, badminton etc. This would help in prevention of diseases like cancer, obesity, heart diseases and even diabetes. Having good health is not difficult task but maintaining it is an extraordinary accomplishment. Healthy living is about considering what your body desires and giving whatever is good for it.

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