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Health Tips For Working Women

imageHealth is important for all but it is medically proven that women are more prone to health risk as compared to man. Women have to compete with the society as well as her own body requirements. If the women are doing some jobs then she has to keep balance between her personal life as well as professional life. She has the stress off job as well as stress off family responsibilities. These round the clock duties make the women health more vulnerable to diseases if not properly cared.

To keep the balance between daily hard works and family responsibilities, and to combat within body changes as hormonal, pregnancy and if at menopause all these changes make her weaker and weaker. So there are some health tips for working woman.

Woman health care needs to be attended all such factors which are related to her nutrition, her body requirements, healthy diet tips, healthy eating habits, especially if she crosses the 30. If she has some ailment as headache, migraine, osteoporosis, weight gain, anemia, and or weakness.

Health tips:

You should drink plenty of water as 10-12 glass per day with some extra juices.
Take fresh fruits and vegetable salads more than normal .and foods rich in fibres, shoots. Seeds. Cereals.
If near to menopause take extra supply of calcium so that your muscles and bones remain strong.
Do some yoga exercise that will surely relax you after day exhausting routine. And feel you happy within yourself.
As working woman you need some special diets because off your exposure to the environment as well as with  different public, so eat all those things which you think your body has deficiency as iron , calcium , vitamins to keep you mentally as well as physically active.
Not go to doctor when you feel some ailment but you need your regular checkup s in your routine so that each minor ailment is to be excluded.  As you have the extra responsibilities so you need some extra mental relaxation by sleep at least 7-8 hours. The sleep should be uninterrupted.
Avoid junky foods as much as you can. If feel hunger took some  immediate meal which is prepared in home not in cafeteria.
Try to take breakfast or start your day with healthy   foods.  Not in hurry
Take during your job some snacks have low calories but have soothing effects as lemonade. Green tea not takes colas or any hard drinks.
Avoid from any ant sleeping stuffs as caffeine or pills..
Take some time which is only for you if it is a playful time with some of your companion it is much better to release your stresses.

The healthy eating plan is not as simple as you think. its just to say right to eat  keeps you right for a longer time.

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