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imageThere’s nothing like a warm, confident and healthy smile. It’s a universal, immediately recognisable communication of everything that’s important in our complex social lifestyle – especially friendships and careers.

Transcending language, your smile tells others who you are, how you feel, and even how you want them to feel about you. If your smile is spontaneously relaxed, confident, and a joy to behold, the people around you will naturally respond positively to it.

But if your teeth aren’t healthy, then it’s more than likely you’ll have very little to smile about. Because beyond the fact that everyone wants to look as attractive as possible, there are many other factors associated with unhealthy teeth. Tooth decay and periodontal disease not only cause pain (and often unpleasant breath), but can adversely affect your overall health in a wide variety of other ways.

So maintaining the best possible dental health is important at all levels. And of course, if we know our teeth are both healthy and attractive, we feel so much better about ourselves, and our smiles become more genuinely happy, confident, and appealing to others.

A healthy mouth is the natural place for an attractive, brighter smile and that starts with Terrace Dental.

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