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Google+ for businesses ‘within months’

Google is to open Google+ to businesses “within months” and is looking at ways to adapt the social networking site specifically for business use.


Google’s chief social networking rival, Facebook, uses Facebook chat for all of its own internal communication but has never managed to get the rest of the business world to adopt it.

However, Google is eyeing Google+ as a mainstream business tool, with insiders claiming that its system of sorting friends into “circles” could be adapted to meeting groups instead.

More than 27m people have signed up for Google+ since it launched in June, but the site has so far been closed to businesses on all counts.

Companies have been barred from setting up Google+ profiles for their brands, in the way that they are able to do on Facebook. Meanwhile, employees at companies that use Google Apps have been unable to use their work accounts for Google+ profiles, even though these are powered by Gmail.

However, Google is to change its position on both counts “within the next few months”, and is examining ways to turn Google+ into a network businesses can use for internal communication.

Robert Whiteside, head of Google Enterprises in the UK, Ireland and Benelux, said: “It would be a very natural step. We still need to decide what we are going to do but it is something our engineers are looking at all the time. Sharing information is very important in our personal lives, and it is equally important in our business lives.”

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