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Get Windows Support to Recover a Windows XP Password

imageEveryone creates a user login with a secure password for their Windows XP computer. It keeps your system and data safe, but what will you do if you find that you have forgotten your user password. Well, fortunately for you, this is a very common problem and the Windows Support team can help you through this mess. To fix this problem, Windows Support advices you to login as an administrator to recover the user login. If you login as an administrator, you can access all the user accounts, as well as make the necessary changes in the user accounts.

Windows support explains how to recover a Windows XP Password

imaheTo start off with the troubleshooting process, Windows support suggests that you log in to your Windows XP computer.
To log in as an administrator, you need the administrator password. But if you don’t have an administrator password, then Windows Support has some tips to help you log in. Windows Support advices you to hold the “CTRL,” “ALT” and “DEL” twice when the Welcome screen comes up.

Now, you will get a new login window. Log in as an administrator in the new login window. Type administrator as the user name and leave the password area blank. Now hit Enter. Then, you will be ready on the Windows Desktop.

Now Windows support suggests that you go to the Start menu. Click on Control Panel and then select User Accounts.

Now, select the user account for which you need to change the password. Click on the link Change Password and then enter the password which you want to give for your user account. Re-type the password for confirmation. Now, click on the option Change password. This will allot a new password to your user account.

Now, close the User Accounts control window and then exit from the Control Panel. Log out from the administrator account and then login with the desired user and enjoy using Windows XP.

Simple enough, right? Well, all thanks to Windows Support!

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