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Free 2010’s 5 FTP Programs on Windows 7

imageIf you have a website, own a home network, or otherwise need to transport files between two PCs, you’ve likely come across File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and FTP programs. I’ve used 20 or so FTP programs over the last 12 years and there are literally hundreds, if not thousands available. In this article, I list my top 5. If you know of a FTP program you really like, which is not here, let us know in the comments


FireFTP is unique in this list as it is not a standalone program that is an extension for Firefox. The reason I like this program because you don’t need to separate to install software and have access to it when you surf the Internet. The feature set is limited (often a bonus manifested itself in a lack of bloat), but it makes the job of transferring files between computers. I used this software on computers on which I install to a full-fledged program. If you know new to FTP but you should start maybe how to use Firefox extensions with this.


I use PuTTY on my work PC and it is a solid piece of software. I have not much to say about it except when you’re a geek, you’ll likely use listed this program over the rest. PuTTY comes with the most bells and whistles (don’t get me wrong, it is not striking look and it is not bloatware) and nerds keep entertained day and night!

Bitvise Tunnelier
Tunnelier is my current Windows FTP client of choice. With it I can all my Web server to other PCs in my house, and connect via SSH to my iPhone. These are the standard functions of most FTP programs, but I like how this client is packaged and how it uses little system resources. (PS I just realized Windows guides-IP is in this screenshot (type in the address bar of your browser bar where it takes you?))
I like you too, as if properly configured, can connect to a PC client via remote desktop, with this program. Access to the command line is a big plus (and once again a standard feature), but I have this software for over a year and am very happy with it.


WinSCP was my FTP client of choice when I started Windows Guides (alongside FileZilla, which didn’t make it to the list.)

This program has everything you need for file transfer, secured file transfer, and more. This, like PuTTY, is a favorite among the geeks for its all-round feature set and free price tag.

Windows Command Prompt

If you really want to get down and dirty, the Windows command prompt has all you need. Just open the command prompt and run the ftp command to go into FTP mode. From there you open the desired connection and authenticate. Typing help will give you a list of available commands.

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